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About Us—The Briggs Agency

Proudly Serving Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland for more than 70 Years

Insurance is some of the most valuable financial protection in which you can invest. It can help you repair your car after a wreck. If your house burns, the right policy can help you rebuild. Your business needs support if an unexpected problem interrupts your operations.

The insurance market is vast, complex and sometimes confusing. If you’re not an expert, you might not want to strike out alone in your search for coverage. Here at The Briggs Agency, we’ve got the expertise and connections to help every customer get broad, yet affordable, coverage. We offer

  • Homeowners insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Bonds
  • Multiple lines of commercial insurance

Our network includes multiple insurance providers, all of whom offer first-rate coverage at affordable prices. With our help, you can get the policies you need for whatever assets you want to protect.

Now in our fourth generation of family ownership, we’ve had roots in the northern Indiana insurance industry since 1946. We’re familiar with our community, and throughout the years have helped countless businesses and individuals target their insurance coverage to their unique needs.

We believe that the best policy results come from personalized customer service. That’s why we’ve made a point to get to know our customers, and for them to get to know us. Whatever your insurance needs, you can trust that we have the understanding to guide you through an easy-to-understand selection process. We also conduct regular policy reviews with all our clients. That way, you’ll never have to worry if you have the correct protection.

So, if you need insurance, contact Timothy and his team today. You can request a policy quote online, or call us at (219) 769-4840 right now! We’re excited to help you start saving.