About Us

About Us—Briggs Agency, Inc.

Proudly Serving Indiana and Chicagoland for more than 70 Years

Since 1946 we are an independent insurance agency located in the Northwest Indiana region. Everyday we are ready to serve our neighbors who are our policyholders. Our business is protecting your business, and we do this by providing you with insurance options and knowledge so you can make informed decisions on reducing your financial risk. 

We are a family business. Four generations of the Briggs family in, and we are still as committed as when we started. Our employees are our greatest asset and we work together to provide the highest level of professional service to our clients. We build relationships with our clients on a foundation of trust and consistency.

 As independent insurance agents we have built a vast network within the insurance industry. We represent several best in class insurance companies all of which is geared towards providing our clients with options.      


So, contact our team today and we will be ready to partner with you. You can request a policy quote online, or call us at (219) 769-4840